Ligament Injuries

Ligament Injuries - ACL Tear Treatment

Ligament Injury

A ligament is made up of specific fibres, like an elastic rubber band which connects a bone and a cartilage, a bone to a meniscus or a bone to a bone. Ligaments are very strong and hold the joints in place. When a ligament is stretched or torn it is called a sprain.

Location And Common Causes Of Ligament Tear And Sprain:

Any movement which causes extreme or unnatural turning and twisting can cause the ligament to undergo extreme stress and leads to sprain or a tear. The most common ligaments affected are:

Knee: The main ligaments of knee are anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), medial collateral ligament and lateral collateral ligament. The ACL is the most commonly injured ligament in knee and mostly injured during sports activities.


Ankle: In ankle the inversion injuries that is ankle bending inwards are more common. It causes injury to the lateral ligament complex which includes anterior talofibular (ATFL), calcenofibular and posterior talofibular (PTFL) ligaments. The medial deltoid ligament injury is lesser common. A high ankle sprain is more common in athletes and involves the distal tibiofibular ligaments

Wrist: The most common ligament injuries in wrist is the triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) and the scapho-lunate ligament incurred during direct impact on the hand

Shoulder: Shoulder joint is kept stable with different ligaments and any dislocation of the joint can cause injuries to these ligaments. The common ligaments are superior gleno-humeral ligament and inferior glenohumeral ligament which gets injured.

Along with these, ligaments of back- the illio-lumbar ligament, the inter-spinous ligament of spine and cervical spine ligaments are common to undergo sprain as a result of whiplash injuries caused due to road traffic accidents.

Ligament Injury

Diagnosis and treatment of ligament injuries

Usually clinical examination history and using imaging modalities like real time musculoskeletal examination using ultrasound gives a good picture of the grade of tear and sprain. MRI can be ordered to have even more accurate diagnosis.

The grading of sprains/tears are done as follows:

Grade 1; mild sprain with some changes in fibre structure but no tear

Grade 2: swelling some fluid collection with partial tear with no joint instability

Grade 3: complete sprain and tear with joint instability

How ligament injuries are treated?

For any acute and mild to moderate grade 1 and 2 tears first line of treatment is conservative using RICE approach (REST, ICE, Compression and elevation). Once the swelling has subsided over some days advanced management can be planned which includes minimally invasive interventions.

Mild to moderate ligament injuries (grade 1 and 2 and sometimes grade 3) can be done using the best and most advanced treatment modality in regenerative medicine using orthobiologics. The procedure is done under image guidance with precision and specific blood products are implanted at the tear site which helps in healing and getting the strength of the ligaments back. This ligament tear treatment using your own cells has advantages of less down time, faster recovery no scar and less complications which are associated with surgery.

Surgery is only required in very complex cases of ligament tear where the ligament has totally torn and no fibre connection is seen on MRI and has retracted more than 5 to 6 mm, even then if you want can avoid surgery unless there is instability in the joint as surgeries come with their own risk and also aggravate arthritis development in longer stages.

Natural Healing Begins Here with Orthobiologics

Regenerative Medicine is a science of nature where we are focused on ‘healing’ rather than symptomatic treatment or surgeries. We Give our body proper care,time, environment and training to achieve results beyond imagination.

State Of The Art Technologies

With Us you will find one of a kind Lab platform which is certified and highly rated. Our lab is not only certified from regulatory authorities for various activities but also for various research work in the field of Stem cells.

Painless & Image Guided

One of a kind centre which ensures ‘nothing goes blind’ and should be a pleasant experience for our already suffering patients. We make sure to use tech. Like Ultrasound or Video X-ray for examination and during treatment in all our patients to ensure best delivery of medicines.

Treatments & Facilities

We at our clinic work on the principle of accurate diagnosis, precise delivery of medicine at site and utmost safety. Being highly equipped and trained in respective fields we always find the root cause of your disease / injury and treat them in a holistic way.Also as stated our entire treatment is based on regenerative medicine in which we use your own body fluids (Plasma therapy, platelet plasma and marrow )to treat you which has no side effect and results last longer than any artificial modes of treatment like steroids or pain killers.

regenerative treatment

Plasma Lysate

One of the hidden and niche parts of regenerative medicine having a vast and proven role in pathologies associated with nerve root irritation and handling tough inflammation of joints and membranes as adjuvant. A complete acellular, growth factors packed therapy is all you required.

regenerative treatment

Entrapped Nerve Hydrodissection

Peripheral nerves (nerves of shoulder, arm,leg) which are not deep enough in the body have very high tendencies to get trapped under surrounding structures like muscle,bone or ligaments. Oftenly patients require painful surgery to get rid but with this tech. We can successfully avoid these surgeries

regenerative treatment

Bone marrow concentrate

One of the most powerful, studied and practised domains of regenerative medicine. Here everything matters from harvesting, processing and administrating in time bound's a day long process of processing and we bring to you the best technologies imparted to us from Europe and the United States.

regenerative treatment

Stem Cells

Future of art of natural healing lies in appropriate usage of stem cells. In many countries including India allows its limited usage and widely for research and educational purposes.we have seen a huge potential of them in our personal experience in various healing processes

regenerative treatment

Platelet Plasma Therapy

Platelets are fragments of a very big cell,which are heavily packed with numerous growth factors and are the first line soldiers when injuries happen. With help of sophisticated protocols we are able to harvest best quality concentrated (8-10 times) platelets with plasma to initiate healing and protect damaged muscle,tendons and cartilages of joints.

regenerative treatment

Super Concentrated Platelet Plasma therapy

Few solutions are designed to handle toughest problems,SCP- plasma therapy is meant for one of the advanced, Old and degenerated joint pains with extensive problems. It is much refined and concentrated (20-30 times ) then platelet plasma therapy. With a multi million lab platform now it is possible to deliver this technology to our fellow countrymen.

regenerative treatment

Biological Glue

Biological glues are formed with the help of the natural coagulation mechanism of blood but in a controlled manner. These are excellent sealant for tears in muscles due to overuse stress related injuries or due to impact sports. This provides very early mobilization resumption of activities as compared to most of the conventional modes of treatments.

regenerative treatment

Gene Based Nutritional counseling

“It's all in your genes” whatever it is obesity, immune system or high impact sports activity you are dealing with. If you are dreaming of fitness like an athlete or want to choose it as a profession or just want to lose a few kilos or enhance your immunity then here is the way how most of the athletes and fitness enthusiasts choose what to eat and in what proportion.We screen over 1 lakh genes to find what is Right for you.

regenerative treatment

Exercise Prescription

Prescription for exercise? Are we crazy? No definitely not. Every individual has a different body composition and endurance level. No single exercise pattern can help you to achieve your goals which changes with your progress. We precisely work on your ergonomics, muscle strength and injury patterns to help you to choose right exercises for greater results.

regenerative treatment

Mechanical Imbalance assessment

Mechanical imbalances are the most important factors for muscular Pain & gym and sports related injuries. These imbalances are subtle and leads to improper contour and functioning of joints. Through meticulous examination and sophisticated equipment we can resolve these issues effectively resulting in pain free life and enhanced performance.

Backpain - Tele/Video Consultation - axisclinics

Conditions Treated

With us you will find the most advanced, tailor made and evidence based treatment for your common injuries for which you will love to avoid major or minor surgeries. This treatment is based on your own healing mechanism so one of the most natural ways and devoid of any side effects like conventional allopathic treatments. It is a perfect blend of modern science and Nature at it best.


Our Specialists

Axis Clinics boast to have very experienced and well trained specialists in the field of interventional pain medicine, regenerative medicine,advanced orthopedics , rehabilitative medicine and clinical psychology to treat pains related to spine,joints and sports injuries.

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