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If we consider back pain as a disease then it can surely be one of the most common conditions everyone would have suffered from at one point in time. Unfortunately, the lower back and its pains are not given due attention until it starts affecting day to day activities of a person.

The lower back comprises of many structures. When we put our hands on the painful part of the back there are muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves, discs and bones of spine among the structures which lie under the skin in that particular area. Any of these could be a possible source of pain. So it is very important to understand the genesis of pain and physically examine the patient to narrow down to a likely source. The cause is, most of the times, known only on investigation for back pain. Some of the common causes of pain are-

  • Annular tear: Tear in the covering of the disc
  • Slipped disc: Popping out of disc material
  • Degenerated disc: Worn out disc
  • Muscular strain: Injury to the muscles supporting the spine
  • Ligament injuries
  • Facet joint pain: The joints between adjacent spinal bones
  • Fractures of spine

As much as 80% the back pains resolve in over few weeks’ time with conservative management. For remaining 20% of cases some interventions are required to be done to stop the progression and further damage. Among all, the muscular pain is by far the most common cause of low back pain. This gets treated with rest and over-the-counter drugs. The pain that originates from other sources such as discs or nerves require prompt and definitive treatment for an effective outcome. If left untreated these turn into a chronic pain and become more and more difficult to treat with passing time.

The fear of surgery and ill-conceived notions about spine surgery pushes the patient away from treatment and soon pain becomes a part of life. Axis Clinics, Delhi is a unique specialty center where we encourage minimally invasive treatment for back pain. These interventions are targeted, are safe and achieve the same goals as in an open spine surgery. The interventions done under influence of local anesthesia allow the patient to walk around within hours of treatment. Minimal invasive spine interventions allay genuine concerns of patients diagnosed with disc disease or those who have already been advised surgery.

Treatments & Facilities

All the treatment available for spine at Axis Clinics considers safety of the patient as the single most important deciding factor while treating any pain of spinal origin.This quest has led to intensive research and training to understand the genesis of pain in the spine and the safest way to treat it effectively.

spine treatment

Stitchless Endoscopic Spine Procedures

A precise targeted endoscopic treatment for slipped disc, sciatica, and back pain done under local anesthesia with immediate relief and promising outcomes. The procedure is extremely safe and has no collateral damage to other tissues in the body.

spine treatment

Percutaneous Stenoscopic Lumbar Decompression

A minimally invasive endoscopic surgery intended for spinal canal stenosis wherein the cramped spinal nerves are freed from the pressures of overgrown yellow ligaments within the spinal canal.The increasing numbness and heaviness in legs happening on walking for a distance, gets better immediate after the surgery.

spine treatment

Selective Nerve Root Desensitization

A precision intervention where a chronically inflamed or irritated nerve root is treated selectively with a low voltage and high frequency radio frequency current to modulate the electrical conduction of painful signals or certain drugs intended to break the pain cycle.

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Epidural Adhesiolysis

A highly skilled intervention for patients having pain as a result of entrapment of the nerve in the scar after a spine surgery. The procedure involves navigation in the spine with a device under image guidance and loosening the scar tissue to make room for the entrapped nerve.

spine treatment

Percutaneous Rhizotomy

A pin-hole intervention done under X-ray guidance to ablate certain nerves carrying pain signals from joints of spine.

spine treatment

Percutaneous Disc Decompression

An image guided intervention to remove disc material in selected patients of slipped disc. The procedure is done through a needle under local anesthesia.

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A procedure done to fix the vertebral fractures by injecting cement through a needle under the effect of local anesthesia. The relief in back pain due to the fracture is immediate.

spine treatment

Hybrid Spine Surgery

A 360 degrees minimally invasive spine surgery to treat an unstable spine (spondylolisthesis) with disc prolapse and spinal canal stenosis. The entire surgery is minimally invasive and is done through small cuts under local and regional anesthesia.

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This is a pin-hole intervention done under image guidance to treat the damaged and sensitive disc covering which causes chronic back pain in patients having slipped disc.

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Spinal cord stimulations

A highly advanced intervention to treat chronic back pains persisting even after spine surgeries or for complex pain syndromes. In this a small electrical device is implanted in the body like a pace maker which gives continuous stimulations to the nerves through the implanted wires in the spine and stops the pain signals to be perceived in the brain.

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A procedure very much similar to Adhesiolysis wherein a selective nerve root is treated to relieve it from pressures due to entrapment.

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Pulsed RF

This is a technique to treat any nerve and modulate its conduction of impulses. It involves passage of a high frequency radiofrequency current at a low voltage to the selected nerve which changes the perception of pain.

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Our Specialists

Axis Clinics boast to have very experienced and well trained specialists in the field of interventional pain medicine, regenerative medicine,advanced orthopedics , rehabilitative medicine and clinical psychology to treat pains related to spine,joints and sports injuries.

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Dr Sorabh Garg
Senior Consultant - Interventional Pain Management & Palliative Care

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Senior Regenerative Medicine, Sports & MSK Pain Specialist

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Senior Spine & Pain Specialist

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