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Sports Injury Treatment In Delhi

July 23, 2024

Sports injuries are highly probable if you play after a long break, do not warm up properly, or play contact sports. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend game enthusiast, or simply enjoy sports whenever you can, an injury can disrupt your routine and hinder your performance.

At Axis Clinics, we offer comprehensive and patient-centered treatments for sports injuries to help you have a quick and efficient recovery. When it comes to sports injuries, you do not simply have to heal, it’s all about healing right so you can continue doing what you love. The sports injury doctors in Delhi at Axis Clinics put a special emphasis on understanding your injuries and offering tailored treatments to help you recover without any setbacks.

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Keep reading to learn more about the treatments for sports injuries offered at Axis Clinics, the best sports injury clinic in Delhi.

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Dr. Amit Pandey- Best Sports Injury Doctor In Delhi

Dr. Amit Pandey, a senior consultant and Head of Department at the Asian Institute of Medical Science, is renowned as the best sports injury doctor in Delhi. With a robust background in physiotherapy, Dr. Pandey has amassed extensive expertise in treating complex musculoskeletal and sports injuries. His proficiency extends to thousands of joint replacements, spine, and trauma cases. Dr. Pandey has collaborated with numerous national and international brands, including Bollywood and Barcelona Football. His specialties include surgical rehab planning and sports rehabilitation. Dr. Pandey practices at Axis Clinic, Fortis C-DOC, in Greater Kailash, New Delhi. He holds memberships in MIAP and DCPTOT, and his medical education includes an MBBS from KGMC Lucknow University. Book an appointment for expert care.

Sports Injury Treatment in Delhi at Axis Clinics

Sports injuries can target different areas of your body. Based on the affected part and the severity of the injury, our doctors take a different treatment approach. According to our specialists, the body parts most vulnerable to such injuries are:

  • Achilles tendon
  • Elbow
  • Ankle
  • Head
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Wrists
  • Fingers
  • Hip and groin area

Due to their location and makeup, most injuries occur in these areas of the body. The nature of the injuries varies, too, which may include:

  • Strain
  • Sprain
  • Fracture
  • Knee injuries
  • Muscular swelling
  • Dislocated joints
  • Achilles tendon rupture
  • Concussion
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Cartilage tears

The sports injury doctors in Delhi at Axis Clinics are adept at addressing all these issues by combining traditional and advanced methods. The treatment here is based on proven techniques that are efficient, effective, and most suitable for the patients. Your recovery, well-being, and comfort lie at the heart of our intents and services.

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Types of Sports Injury Treatments Offered at Axis Clinics

The experts at Axis Clinics perform a close examination of the injury and then decide on the best treatment approach for you. Their treatments involve proven traditional approaches as well as advanced techniques. Some of the common treatments offered by them are discussed below.

1. The RICE Method

This is a traditional approach to treating sports injuries. Mostly effective for swelling, strains, and other minor issues, our doctors offer this treatment under close observation. 

The terminology RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Following this, our doctors advise you to rest and put no further pressure on the injured part of your body. Ice treatment and compressions help in relieving you from some of the swelling and inflammation. Keeping the injured part at an elevated angle manages the swelling and prevents much blood from flowing to this part. 

It is a proven method that helps in efficient and defective recovery without any setbacks. Our experts will give you close and clear instructions for the best results.

2. Immobilizing the Injured Part

Our sports injury doctor prescribes immobilization of the injured part in cases like fractures, ligament tears, and others where movement could further aggravate the injury. This procedure involves putting the injured part in a sling, cast, or splint. In some cases, we also offer medical boots for reduced pressure on the foot and protection from further injury.

Our experts determine the best immobilization method based on the nature of your injury. They also explain to you the necessary precautions during your recovery and what you can expect.

3. Injections

Sometimes, injections can help in reducing the swelling and relieve the pain from the injury. Our doctor may offer one or more injections as a form of treatment for simple, easy, and efficient recovery.

4. Anti-inflammatory Drugs

In some cases, our experts prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs along with other treatment approaches to ensure efficient recovery. This also helps alleviate the pain and swelling and prevents further aggravation of the affected site.

5. Surgery

Certain injuries like ligament and/or tendon tears require surgical intervention. At our sports injury clinic in Delhi, we offer minimally invasive surgeries to allow you quick and efficient recovery without much physical discomfort.

Our doctors are proficient in these surgical practices and perform personalized operations that benefit you the most. Based on the location and nature of the injury, the type and duration of the surgery vary.

6. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy helps a lot in regaining mobility after an injury, which is a necessary factor for a sportsperson. We have the best physiotherapists in Delhi who focus on recovering your agility and strength so you can continue with your sports without any hindrance. 

Our experts offer customized sessions where they focus on your pain points and devise ways to address them. You can rest assured that your body will feel like a well-oiled machine, despite the injury, after a thorough treatment. We usually offer physiotherapy in conjunction with other targeted treatments for the best results.

Sports Injury Treatment Cost in Delhi at Axis Clinics

The cost of sports injury treatment in Delhi varies based on the nature and severity of the injury and the treatment plan and duration. Your choice of hospital, facilities, and other additional expenses also determine the overall expenses.

At Axis Clinic, we offer holistic and patient-friendly treatments at highly affordable rates. Our doctors ensure to come up with the treatment plan most suited to you and deliver it while ensuring your well-being and comfort.

Find the Best Sports Injury Doctors in Delhi at Axis Clinics

The sports injury specialists at our clinic believe in science-backed interventions and procedures to achieve the best results. They are highly proficient in all kinds of sports injuries and experienced in the various ways to treat them. With thorough orthopedic assessments, imaging tests, and mobility tests, they assess the extent of your injuries and offer solutions accordingly.

Our team of sports injury specialists encompasses experts from several disciplines to offer you thorough and all-inclusive treatments for the best results.


1. What is the cost of sports injury treatment in Delhi?

The cost of sports injury treatment in Delhi depends on the type, location, and severity of your injury. Other additional expenses like hospital and facility charges also need to be considered here. It is best to inquire about the expected overall expense for the treatment from your doctor before starting the procedure.

2. How long does it typically take to recover from a sports injury?

The recovery period after an injury depends on the severity of the wound. In case of strains and sprains, you can expect to be back to normal within 10 to 14 days. However, for more severe cases, it may take around a month. Injuries that require surgeries may require you to take a break for a longer duration before you can be free to resume your sports again.

3. How can I book an appointment at the sports injury clinic and how soon can I be seen?

To book an appointment at Axis Clinics for sports injury treatments, you can visit our clinic or contact us at @ +91-9910143777. We consider many cases of injury as emergencies and offer instant attention. For non-emergency cases, we schedule you for the nearest empty time slot that suits your routine.

Meet Our Doctors

Axis Clinics boast to have very experienced and well trained specialists in the field of interventional pain medicine, regenerative medicine, advanced orthopedics , rehabilitative medicine and clinical psychology to treat pains related to spine, joints and sports injuries.

At Axis Clinics, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality medical care and personalized attention they deserve. Our doctors work together as a team to develop comprehensive treatment plans that address the root cause of spine pain and help patients achieve long-term relief. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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“Axis Clinics offers exceptional spine pain treatment and regenerative medicines, providing effective and long-lasting relief for patients. With a skilled and knowledgeable team, state-of-the-art equipment, and a focus on personalized treatment plans, Axis Clinics is a top choice for anyone seeking comprehensive spine pain treatment.”

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