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  • Latika Kalra

Latika Kalra


Founder Self Simplification Foundation

Ms Latika Kalra is the founder of self simplification foundation that has been helping people achieve a mind body connect in its utmost natural state in this fragmented life. She believes in finding solutions to a clinical situation through thorough understanding of modern and ancient science of psychology alike. The blend of ancient ways and the recent understandings has been gradual and has evolved over the years of her career. After spending her initial 8 years as a clinical therapist, counselor, and child psychologist, her journey and experience of life led her to discover the age-old science of Indian Psychology, deeply rooted in various ancient texts. She devolves her understanding of human nature from her extensive knowledge of Indian and Buddhist philosophies. She has expertise in child psychology, positive psychology, organizational behavior and counselling. She has also got trained in ‘Integral Psychology’ from The Gnostic Center Delhi. Apart from being a close associate of Axis Clinics, she has been working as Organizational Behaviorist with her foundation ‘Self Simplification’. She holds multiple sessions on occupational anxiety, stress, and burnout with the foundation and usher people in need to a state of better mental well-being.

  • Qualification
  • Fellowships & Training

Masters in Clinical Psychology.

Bachelors in Psychology.

Training in Integral Psychology from Gnostic Center, Delhi.

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