What Is Bursitis?

What is Bursitis Doc?


It is one of the most frequently used term used during any Consultation done for joint pain, often patients they failed to understand. So here we are to address this issue today so that none of our followers remains unaware and could discuss this matter with more confidence with your clinician.

Definition – Inflammation of the bursae is called as bursitis. Typically, bursae are the fluid-filled spaces at joints and muscles and helps in cushioning or greasing.

These are part of normal structure that vary in size and located around joints across body and contain varying amount of fluid depending on the locations, like in joints its volume is around several ml whereas in muscle’s its so minimum that we need to take help of sophisticated imaging to see them. As discussed, these are normal part of system but it becomes significant when its inflamed and start signalling us in the form of Pain.

Most Common Locations of Bursae –

The most common locations where we can find them are

\"elbow\" \"hip\" \"shoulder\" \"knee\"













Although there are neumerous other places but in clinics, almost 90% of patients present with these joints.

How to find if it is troubling you (Diagnosis)

There are few tips and tricks to diagnose it with good probability

  • Affected joint will look swollen
  • Very painful movement or when you press that joint
  • You won\’t be able to lie down on that side
  • Redness maybe there
  • Feels stiff with movements.
  • There might be some rashes
  • Pain that gets better with rest and ice, get worse with work

When it comes to definitive diagnosis we have to take help of advanced imaging like – MRI or MSK – Ultrasound (Xray are not really helpful).

Bursitis – Causes and Treatment

Basically it developes due to over stress or repetitive stress injuries, trauma, Inflammation due to diseases (diabetes, arthritis, overweight and others), age, Occupation. Bursitis is simple to treat but it takes time depending on causative factors. But before treatment we would like to emphasise on Prevention as it’s the best cure. To prevent Bursitis to happen keep few things in your Mind, use paddings to distribute pressure, if you are putting a lot of pressure on joints (elbow – software professionals), ergonomic consideration while lifting weights, maintain your body weight in normal range, take frequent breaks during repetitive gestures, stretch and exercise properly. We assure you if you follow these advices you will never have to reach us. For person who is already suffering we have solutions for them like –

Medications –

Medicines like pain killers and antibiotics can do wonders in selected patients. (cautious use is recommended and please do not self medicate)

Physical Rehabilitation –

One of the important pillar of treatment which helps our patient naturally and without any side effects.
Assistive devices like canes or crutches may help you in coming out from it.(cautious use is recommended)

Steroids Injection And Surgery –

Although many clinicians prefers these options but we will recommend strictly not to go ahead with them as they are associated with wide variety of side effects and complications.

Regenerative Medicine –

One of the nobel and natural way of treatment. There are wide spread data available from many reputed universities and now is the preferred and most advanced treatment option to handle these situations. Regenerative therapy options like Plasma Lysate, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and SCP (Super concentrated Platelets) are US-FDA approved and recommended options for bursities nowadays.

If you think you have bursitis kindly visit your doctor and ask them – what is bursitis doc, and discuss these things with them. Stay healthy.

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